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The Youth Development Zone (YDZ) is a Community Initiative that Family Centre launched in the Fall of 2011 with partners; the Bermuda Police Service, the Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation, and the Economic Empowerment Zone Agency. The project is a response to the growing problems affecting youth. The North Hamilton area was selected due to the presence of gang culture, violence and the frequency of abuse and neglect reports. It was also chosen due to the community strengths and a readiness for positive action that exists there among residents. Family Centre is the project coordinator and working to build a network of agencies, programmes and residents, collaborating to achieve a collective impact that protects children and results in community safety.

The YDZ initiative was made possible through the core support of:

* Bank of Bermuda Foundation * HSBC* OIL Management Services Limited * The ACE Foundation * The Atlantic Philanthropies * XL Foundation *

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