Our Approach

Family Centre has always provided urgent services to strengthen and stabilize children in crisis, and a broad range of services that prevent children from becoming in crisis. This combination is essential in making lasting change to the norms that define well-being for all children in Bermuda. The continuum below outlines all of the major categories of service that Family Centre offers. Those services are delivered through three strategies:


Least Intensive Services   <>   Most Intensive Services


Advocacy & Training

Building the capacity of parents
– Parenting Workshops
– Family Forum YDZ
– Parent Tip Sheets
– Social Marketing

Building the capacity of professionals to more effectively serve children & families
– Training
– School Consultation

Building the capacity of organizations to more effectively serve children & families
– Advocacy
– Systemic Agency Collaboration (IAC, BNSC)

Building the capacity of communities to address needs in the Youth Development Zone (YDZ)
– Zone Coordination YDZ
– Community Mobilization YDZ

Community Programmes

Youth Leadership YDZ
– Youth & Police Initiative
– YLA Foundations
– YLA Community

Beyond Rugby & Homework Academy YDZ

– Dellwood
– Cedarbridge
– Berkeley

Homework Academy YDZ
– Berkeley
– Dellwood

Counselling Services

Screening & Referral

Triage (short-term intervention)

Counselling (longer-term intervention)
– Child & Family Counselling
– School Based Counselling YDZ
– Community & Home Counselling

Counselling Groups
– Social Skills Groups
– School Based Groups YDZ
– Family Groups
– Specialized Camps

Advocacy & Training: Our training and capacity building services are aimed at primary prevention by changing the environment so children receive better opportunities for wellbeing at home, at school and in the community.

Community Programmes: Our community programmes promote strength-building in various skills such as team-work, decision-making and leadership through participation in community-based groups. Youth learn social skills, self-regulation and the benefits of working to their fullest potential. 

Counselling Services: Our counselling services get families out of crisis, create safety and rebuild positive relationships through empowerment of family members that can break negative cycles and move forward with better care and protection.

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