Leila Wadson’s Bermuda Day Half Marathon Fundraiser: Donate Now

A message from Leila Wadson, Community Team Leader at Family Centre:

Over the last 16 years, running the May 24th Half Marathon has become much more than completing the distance or getting a good time.  I now run each step of the 13.1-mile route celebrating and honoring all that is Bermuda and giving thanks for the complex ways this specific piece of earth has shaped me.

Therefore, even although the 2020 race is officially cancelled, my personal reasons for running the distance only feel stronger.   This year I run solely in celebration of Bermuda, in thanks for what my body is capable of and in an effort to raise funds for Family Centre.  

I am privileged to have worked at Family Centre for the last 12 years.  Our services focus on providing youth and families with the environments, skills and resources they need to heal themselves and to thrive.  Our staff team is skilled, creative, compassionate and dynamic.  The work we do is grounded in the principles of equity, justice, and integrity and the fundamental belief that with support, we all can shift our unhealthy patterns and behaviours towards wellness.

Covid-19 has affected each of us differently.   Many families are struggling, and the need for our services has never been greater. 
Please consider donating to Family Centre using the form below.

Go Leila, Go!

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