Homework Academy:

Family Centre has partnered with Dellwood Middle School and Cedarbridge High School to provide students with a best-practice, community- supported Homework and Study Academy. This programme has been specifically designed to provide each child with the level and style of support they need to achieve their homework goals. For Homework Academy to achieve the success we know it can, community volunteers are critically needed

There are lots of ways you can support Homework and Study Academy. We are looking for volunteers to:

1. Work one-on-one with a student who requires individualized academic support. Encourage their efforts, celebrate their successes and assist them to develop questions to their teachers on assignments they don’t understand.

2. Support a small group of students as they review their homework and assist them with any homework difficulties they cannot solve on their own. Encourage them to focus and to engage in productive peer learning.

3. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Be in a positive relationship with a young person- encourage their efforts and nurture their creativity and academic potential.

This programme aims to demonstrate that community volunteerism is vital to the success of young people, their families and the community at large; and that volunteerism is FUN and rewarding for everyone involved.

No experience is necessary, just a little patience, an open heart, and the desire to help young people learn. Regular commitment is encouraged. Flexibility is possible.

Professional Development training is provided to all community volunteers. This training will:

1. Orient you to this best-programme that has been designed to international standards.
2. Be hands on and will provide you with practical behavior management and homework assistance tools.
3. Give you an opportunity to connect with and learn from fellow volunteers and Family Centre staff.

If you are interested in volunteering over the upcoming school year, please contact: Leila@tfc.bm or Latoya@tfc.bm


Special Events:

Family Centre hosts a number of special events throughout the year that rely heavily on volunteer efforts!

For more information on special events coming up, go to our New, Events & Photos page HERE or contact funddevelopment@tfc.bm for more information on how to get involved!

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