Counselling Services

Our Counselling Services offer a confidential atmosphere of trust, support and acceptance which allows children and families to explore their emotional, social and behavioural challenges in a non-judgmental, safe environment with highly trained professionals. Our staff aim to guide families out of crisis, create safety networks for them and rebuild positive relationships through skill development and empowerment.

Family Centre helps children with:

  • Aggressive and/or Acting Out Behaviours
  • Impulse Control
  • Adjustment Challenges
  • Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression
  • Symptoms of Trauma
  • Grief and Loss
  • School Issues
  • Family Relationships and Communication
  • Behaviour Management
  • Anger Management and Conflict Resolution
  • Life Skills (communication, organisational skills, time management, social skills, co-parenting)


Family Centre Counselling Services include:

Screening and Referral

Screening and Referral services offer families the opportunity to share their issues and receive recommendations for how to address their challenges through either internal referral to our programmes and services and/or receive referrals for other service providers who can best address their needs.


Triage services respond to the many inquiries that Family Centre receives for therapeutic services from people of all ages. Some people require a one month intervention in order to stabilize their immediate crisis. Others require brief counselling and advocacy to help them communicate needs and connect successfully with new resources.

Counselling and Family Support Services

Counselling and Family Support services provide longer-term, wraparound intervention.  Our child and family counselling service occurs in the home, school, office, or another community setting that feels most comfortable for the client. Our Family Support Specialists work with our qualified Counsellors to provide school-based support and case management for our client families as needed.

Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Groups are run after-school and are designed to increase children’s social and communication skills so that they can better self-regulate and develop healthy relationships. Groups are created around various themes appropriate for different developmental stages. Children learn through direct discussion, as well as role-playing and therapeutic games and activities with peers designed to introduce and strengthen specific social-emotional skills.

Family Groups

Family Groups are run on Monday evenings. These psychoeducational group sessions aim to guide families in problem solving family challenges such as discipline issues, stress management, budgeting, bonding, co-parenting and blended families, etc. with a goal of creating healthier functioning home environments for parents and children alike. The groups are free of charge for families, and dinner and childcare are offered.

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Specialized Camps

Specialized Camps are offered during the spring and summer school breaks for children in Counselling Services at Family Centre. Therapeutic group activities are designed to promote personal growth of each child based on their individualised goals. The campers practice their newly learned skills with one another, expand their worldview and ability to relate to others in meaningful ways. Camp activities include arts and crafts, yoga, music, cooking, gardening, community service, sports and many others. Our camps are SunSmart certified by the Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre.

Family Centre Counselling Team Leader, Alisha Mecene, M.A., C.C.T.P, C.F.T.P., shares three tips for coping with stress.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Family Centre is able to offer Counselling Services at no cost to families.  Donate now to support Family Centre Counselling Services for children and families in Bermuda.

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