Counselling Services

Our counselling services get families out of crisis, create safety and rebuild positive relationships through empowerment of family members that can break negative cycles and move forward with better care and protection.

Screening & Referral

Family Centre provides screening and referral services for hundreds of families each year. Family Centre is one of the only locations that offers open screening for families in crisis that is not topic specific.


This service responds to the many inquiries that Family Centre receives for therapeutic services from people of all ages. Some people require a one month intervention in order to stabilize their immediate crisis. Others require brief counselling and advocacy to help them communicate needs and connect successfully with new resources.

Counselling and Family Support Services

Our counselling services go from the most intensive community and home-based work with families, to child and family counselling based on situational stressors in the office or at school. Counselling services can include either long-term or short-term school based behaviour management support with a focus on partnering with school staff to create student success in school or case management support for families to get back on their feet.

Social Skills Groups

Children and adolescents who are already participating in treatment services at Family Centre learn to develop healthy relationships and effective coping skills through a structured, therapeutic after-school programme encouraging expression of feelings and the development of new skills with their same-aged peers in a group setting.

School-Based Groups

Middle schoolers are more vulnerable to negative peer pressure and influence than any other group. As the epidemic of community-based violence has continued, it is imperative that adolescents have access to and can receive the positive and accurate information they need to make good choices. School-based therapeutic groups are offered on various adolescent development topics at Dellwood Middle School where a Family Centre counsellor partners with a Ministry of Education counsellor to deliver the groups.

Family Groups

Intensive Parenting Groups on issues such as Parenting Through Separation and/or Divorce, Blended Families, Discipline, Relationship Building, and other family management topics are typically offered as four session curriculums that include parents and children and offer free dinner to encourage greater attendance.

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Specialized Camps

Our therapeutic school holiday camp programmes take advantage of time away from school to make an intensive investment in progress for children within our intervention services. Behaviour management and clinical interventions are tailored to each child’s individual needs and group work is used as a backdrop for developing interpersonal skills and positive coping skills


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