Volunteers Needed for Beyond Rugby Programme

Beyond Rugby Programme – Volunteers Needed

Support youth learning!

Help youth with schoolwork, personal growth projects and post high-school preparation.

When: Mondays and Wednesdays from 3.45—4.45 pm during the programme terms.

Where: The Berkeley Institute and CedarBridge Academy

Skills: Just a little patience and the desire to help young people learn!

Duration: Regular commitment encouraged.  Flexibility is possible.   Aim for a minimum of 3 sessions a quarter.

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Programme Information

CedarBridge Academy and The Berkeley Institute:

As part of Beyond Rugby, students are provided with academic support and coaching before they head to the rugby field.  We are consistently seeking individuals to provide students with both general academic support and targeted academic tutoring by specific subject areas.  Once a year, we also seek volunteers to support youth in topics such as resume writing, networking, interviewing skills and public speaking.

Beyond Rugby has 4 core pillars:

Academic Motivation, Social and Emotional Growth, Character Development through Rugby, and Vision and Exposure Building.  We are always looking to connect youth to new ideas, people, experiences, and skill building opportunities that align with these four pillars.  Therefore, we seek volunteers and organizations who are keen to share their passions, skills, talents and experiences and who can help us connect youth with opportunities.


Please email leila@tfc.bm for more information.

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