Advocacy & Training

Our training and capacity building services are aimed at primary prevention by changing the environment so children receive better opportunities for wellbeing at home, at school and in the community.

Community Parenting Workshops:

Parent Education Workshops on positive parenting, co-parenting, budgeting, adolescent development, impact of violence on youth, and bullying are offered at community and neighborhood locations.

Family Forum:

Family Forum Group members meet once per month to share their parenting victories and challenges, explore new ideas, and plan advocacy and support projects to help other parents. They distribute monthly Parent Tip Sheets and are trained to help others using a solution-focused problem-solving model.

Parent Tip Sheets:

Monthly Tip Sheets empower parents with simple and useful tools that they can incorporate into their parenting routines to support their child’s learning and positive development. They are distributed physically and electronically to more than 2000 households each month. Full Tip Sheets are available by clicking on the  Resource Centre tab.

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Social Marketing:

Social Marketing reaches the entire island with professionally developed marketing messages about the essential role of positive parenting in child and adolescent development.

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Capacity Building and Training:

Family Centre provides training and certification in positive behaviour support skills and works with partner agencies to build capacity for better youth engagement and outcomes management.


Family Centre has always been involved in advocacy for children by participating in and leading various initiatives such as the Inter Agency Committee for Children (IAC) and Families and the Bermuda National Standards Committee (BNSC). The IAC is launching a Children’s Agenda of Advocacy that has been developed with Family Centre leadership support.




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