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Family Centre is an internationally accredited Bermuda charity. The organization was founded in 1990 and since 1996 has provided critical intervention services to children suffering from emotional, social, behavioural and trauma-based challenges. Through our specialized programmes and prevention initiatives, we provide families with the skills they need to be successful and to sustain that success for future generations. The scope of Family Centre’s work is island-wide, as services are available to any Bermuda resident that meets the criteria and has the need.

  • 53 families were served in our Family Groups in 2019, and they all reported improved parenting skills. 97% of families reported an improved relationship between them and their child/children.


    Parents said, “I found that all that was discussed will help me manage myself and my children” and “I found everything about this course helpful. I would like these sessions to be held more often.”

    Family Groups | Parent
  • A total of 58 students participated in Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) in 2019. 100% of surveyed graduating students agreed that YLA helped connect them to people, places and experiences that helped them grow, connected them to practical helpful resources, and helped them to see a positive future and how to get there.

    Students said: “YLA helped me with my attitude problems. Through YLA I learned to be more self-aware and to be a true leader. What I enjoyed most was having a voice and being heard.” and “YLA helped me by encouraging me. The encouragement from the YLA workers was the part of the programme I enjoyed the most. Through YLA I have learned to always be positive. Please keep providing the assistance that teens need to overcome their obstacles in life.”

    Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) | Student
  • YLA parents shared: “YLA gives her resources that every child should have access to such as a mature adult who isn’t a parent who can help the child gain insight into real-world issues without a parental filter. YLA has helped our family. When one child learns a strategy that works, that child can then relay it to the other youth in the family. People tend to forget that although Bermuda is “Paradise” it can be a stressful place to live. The YLA resources and programme help ensure that Bermuda’s families are getting modern, harm-free, relevant strategies to cope with modern stressors, which are likely to be experienced no matter where you go to live in the world.”

    Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) | Parent
  • 97% of parents indicated that Beyond Rugby was helpful for their child. Parents shared: “The programme assists my child academically. He is provided with homework support, it builds his social skills, teamwork and promotes his general health.” and “Beyond Rugby is building my child’s character and confidence. My son enjoys the team spirit and staff support and encouragement. He has grown from the programme and is now ok with who he is socially and emotionally.”

    Beyond Rugby Bermuda | Parent
  • A total of 166 students participated in the Beyond Rugby programme in 2019. 94% of them believe they have become better at supporting others and working with others. Students said: “I believe that I can shape my own future because I will be a bright light. Beyond Rugby makes me feel welcomed. At rugby, I like that there are people to help me grow. I like being part of a team and rugby is fun. It makes me feel a lot stronger about myself” and “Because of BR I now understand how important it is to take responsibility for my education. I am better at managing my frustrations on the field and now don’t get as made when someone makes a mistake. If I make a mistake, I now can notice it, rewind and learn from it. ”

    Beyond Rugby Bermuda | Student

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